The biological responses to exposure to a medicine vary from individual to individual. That is why not all the side effects (also known as adverse reactions) associated with the use of medicines can be detected during the clinical development prior to placing on the market.

The reporting of unwanted effects by healthcare professionals and citizens is an important tool for monitoring the safety of drugs available on the market and for improving knowledge of the relationship between benefits and risks of therapies.

Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group collects and evaluates these reports in order to keep the information on the safety of the Company's medicines up to date, thereby fulfilling a specific legal obligation and contributing to the protection of public health

According to the provisions of current Italian legislation, it is possible to report the appearance of any undesirable effect according to one of the following methods:

The reporting forms for Healthcare Professionals and Citizens are available in the Forms section of the Italian Medicines Agency website, at the address

In the event that you need to contact the Pharmacovigilance service of the Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group, we invite you to read the information on the processing of personal data for the pharmacovigilance activities


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last update: 21/07/2022

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