About Us

Italian roots, international visionItalian roots, international vision



The high level of expertise of our people, our responsible approach to business and the excellence of our assets have enabled us to focus on innovation and internationalisation. Fundamental components that render us a valuable partner.


Speed of thought and execution, together with flexibility of internal processes, are the key to making a difference in a constantly changing global scenario.


We accept those challenges that become opportunities. We aim at becoming leaders in the therapeutical areas with strong unmet medical needs to find the best solutions to the most challenging health issues.

Italian roots, international vision

We engage in high-level performance, reliability, concreteness to consolidate our commitment in oncology and rare diseases.

Thanks to a fifty-year success story, we have built up an image of reliability that has led us to strengthen our presence in Italy and, in the space of a few years, to establish ourselves as a reference player in the oncology field, enabling us to gain the trust of large international groups.

Today we strive to become leaders in Europe.

We pursue this goal through a strategic and scientific commitment to invest in innovation to offer new therapeutic solutions to patients on an international scale.

Technical and scientific expertise, intuition, concreteness, reactivity and reliability of execution allow us to make a real difference with our partners globally.

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