Our Activities

Mediolanum turns great intuitions into value and success.

Along with our partners, we develop and provide innovative solutions that make the difference in people’s lives.

Research and DevelopmentResearch and Development

Business Developement

Thanks to the deep knowledge of markets and to the capillary action on the territories in which we are present, we make licencing-in and acquisitions, by posing ourselves as co-development partners, for promotion, marketing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products which are already present on the market.

We grant our partners know-how, reactivity, and intuition to create innovative projects and allow an optimal market access. Collaborate with Mediolanum means to choose a Group that has a strong integrity and trustworthiness, warranty of a strategic and long-term vision.

Research and Development

Since its foundation, the Mediolanum Group made the research of original and innovative products its core mission.

Today, the organization of the R&D is focused on identifying those collaborations that allow to create highly technological and innovative therapies.

We are committed in finding and commercializing effective solutions for those patients affected by rare diseases and low incidence oncological diseases, both great challenges for today’s pharmaceutical industry.

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