The history of our Group has always been centered on building long-term partnerships.

To achieve increasingly ambitious objectivesthat can make a difference in people's lives, we devote constant effort and attention to consolidating existing partnerships and creating new ones. We strongly believe in synergistic work with our partners because by integrating the best skills, ideas and resources we can find the most advanced solutions to address the unmet needs of patients in multiple therapeutic ambitions.

Our approach is based on the values of reliability, speed, and concreteness, and it characterizes us as strongly motivated to build solid commercial and scientific partnerships with other companies that are interested to mix their competences and know-how with ours within our network.

Throughout the years we have collaborated with companies at both national and international levels, in the fields of R&D and Business Development. We are open to new strategic collaborations to reach, along with our partners, new great objectives. 

Find out how to develop and innovate together.

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