“For a society
that denounces discomfort,
there is only one therapy:

We invest in tomorrow’s health
We turn great intuitions into value and success

We are a pharmaceutical holding company since 1972


We are renowned for our great performance and reliability, thanks to a long history of success in Italy, with therapeutic solutions that have helped improve the quality of life for millions of people. 

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Mission & Vision



Our aim is to expand to new markets and broaden our core business, while remaining a reference point for our patients, partners, and stakeholders.

Our efforts are geared towards ensuring that our business model is as competitive as possible, thanks to a unique combination of scientific know-how, commercial relations, and team-work capability.



Inspired by our heritage and a strong ethical engagement towards the patient, we invest in scientific innovation to find new approaches to treat the hardest and most chronical diseases, and to increase our presence in international markets.

Our partners share our challenge to turn scientific intuitions into concrete answers to the needs of doctors and patients, by focusing on those therapeutical areas in which we can be the most helpful.

This is an ethical engagement which we confer to them, along with an entrepreneurial culture, a financial stability, scientific expertise and a true knowledge of the European market, all acquired in half of a century history.

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We support innovation where it is the most needed.


Ethics, entrepreneurship, and know-how together for a new vision of health.

We are constantly looking for new and challenging opportunities to develop advanced therapeutical solutions that can improve the quality of life of today’s patients, as well as that of future generations.

Alone you walk faster, together we go further

Alone you walk faster, together we go further

The history of our Group has always been about building long-lasting partnerships. 
In order to reach more ambitious goals that make a difference in people’s lives, we are constantly striving to strengthen existing partnerships and create new ones. We strongly believe in synergistic work with our partners because by integrating the best skills, ideas and resources, we can find the most anticipated solutions to address the unmet needs of patients in multiple therapeutic ambitions. Our approach based on the values ​​of reliability, speed and concreteness, characterizes us as a reality strongly oriented towards building successful scientific and commercial partnerships with cooperative organizations to combine their resources and knowledge with our know-how and our network of relationships .
Over the years, we have collaborated with companies on a national and international scale in the areas of Research and Development and Business Development. We are open to strategic collaborations to achieve great new goals together with our partners. 

Find out how to develop and innovate together.

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