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The companies in the group


Laboratoires Leurquin was founded in 1932 in France by Pierre Leurquin.
In the eighties, the laboratories took on a new dimension, enabling their activity to expand and above all to meet the growing production needs.  In 1991 the Mediolanum group took it over and, in line with its strategic policy, made it an important site for the production and distribution of its products on the French market.
In particular, the Leurquin Laboratories designed and produced the systems in the MeDeSys line: original and innovative tools for administering drugs through microscopic subcutaneous systems.
The Leurquin Laboratories’ remarkable production capacities and wide international experience also enable the company to act as an important centre for the exportation of many pharmaceutical and herbal products to over 50 countries.


The companies Neopharmed and Gentili were taken over in 2009 and 2010, respectively, from the American group Merck Sharp & Dohme and, in 2011, merged to form a single company called Neopharmed Gentili, which now has an innovative range of products for several therapeutic areas. It currently employs over a hundred pharmaceutical sales representatives promoting principally cardiometabolic and osteoarticular products to doctors.


Cristalfarma was set up in 2004 by young managers of Mediolanum Farmaceutici, with a view to giving back to phytotherapy the scientific dignity and therapeutic importance that it deserves, through the distribution of innovative, safe and high-quality products.
Cristalfarma sees the doctor as the person most capable of understanding and using the potent active substances that nature has always put at our disposal.
Its mission is therefore to recover that precious cultural heritage coming from over 4000 years of experience, which is phytotherapy itself, with a professional, rigorous and meticulous approach from all points of view, from the production chain to the central role of the doctor and pharmacist in the phytotherapeutic product distribution process.


Istituto Gentili S.r.l. is a Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group company that has been active since 2017 in the field of oncology. It is responsible for the marketing of an anticancer drug for women with advanced breast cancer and for promoting an antitumor drug for patients with ALK+ pulmonary carcinoma.


Levante Pharma is a Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group company, which has been active since 2017 in the field of respiratory medicine.


Vamfarma was set up in February 2013 following the takeover of the Comazzo production plant formerly belonging to Schering-Plough Spa by Mediolanum Farmaceutici Spa.
The Comazzo plant, built in the sixties in the Lodi area, has always been known for its high quality, efficiency and flexibility in the production of medicinal products destined for the Italian and overseas markets. Its production and packaging activities cover one of the most complete lists of products available, ranging from simple tablets to film-coated tablets, from sugar-coated pills to hard capsules, from creams and ointments to topical alcohol-based lotions, as well as the outer packaging of vials in a PVC container.



Mediolanum Biosciences is a Mediolanum Farmaceutici Group company, which has been active since 2017 and was created to promote a new therapy in France and Germany for lung cancer with the ALK+ mutation.

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