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Our commitment

The commitment of those who, counting above all on their own efforts, believe in the future and tackle projects with great individual and social responsibility.

In this way, since 1972, the year in which it was set up, Mediolanum Farmaceutici has become more and more successful in the health sector: research, experimentation, production and sale of original medicinal products with innovative efficacy and safety characteristics.

Through major and continual investments of skills, economic and human resources, it proudly and rigorously confirms its identity as a completely Italian company that is agile, dynamic, professional and capable of competing with the huge chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers operating on what has been defined as the "single world market ".

Significant results have already been obtained in the cardiovascular, neurological, hormonal and infectious disease sectors.

The stakes – the quality of life – are high and concern everyone: in fact, health is the most precious common good. Mediolanum Farmaceutici has always invested and continues to invest all of its resources in this value with great commitment.

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