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Values and commitment

  • Determination, Competitiveness, Spirit of sacrifice
  • Innovation
  • Respect of patients’ and the scientific community’s needs
  • Cooperation with customers and suppliers
  • Continuity in time and through generations
  • Ability to maintain values and renovate

Consideration for staff needs in terms of creating a stimulating work environment in which people can realize their ambitions.

Mediolanum Farmaceutici strongly believes that the creation of value determined by the satisfaction of patients’ and the scientific community’s needs, is only possible if due consideration is given to ethical principles and values and conduct that are manifested through respect of:

  • The interests of all categories of persons that come into contact with Mediolanum Farmaceutici (employees and external collaborators, customers and suppliers, financers, marketing partners, etc.)
  • The EU and local laws and regulations in force
  • The Code of Conduct of Farmindustria, of which the parent company Mediolanum Farmaceutici S.p.A. is a member
  • The principles of ethics and honesty towards all stakeholders



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