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Corporate social responsibility

Mediolanum Farmaceutici believes in and is directly committed to promoting the culture of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  whose aim is to provide a service to the community,  by supporting projects and partnerships across Italy as an integral part of its production activities.

Its intention is to contribute to public health through a corporate policy that focuses on the area, the community and the social setting in which we operate.

  • “Community of Sant’Egidio: Long live the Elderly: a future for all”
    Conference: “Ten years of active monitoring of the over 75s: from experimentation to the transversality of the model”
    7 May 2014, Sala Benedetto XIII, San Gallicano Hospital, Rome  
  • “Violence against women”
    Meeting sponsored by O.N.Da - National Observatory for Women’s Health and WHO - World Health Organisation
    10 April 2014, Rome
    Aims of the meeting
    • Present estimates of gender violence and the WHO Guidelines on violence against women
    • Discuss how members of parliament in Italy and other countries have been working to raise awareness and develop legislation on violence against women and their experiences in the process of ratification of the Istanbul Convention.
    • Facilitate the entry into effect of the Istanbul Convention.
    View Video  
  • “Humanitarian emergency in the Central African Republic: Mediolanum Farmaceutici supports the efforts of the Amici per il CentrAfrica Onlus”
    The Italian pharmaceutical company donates essential medicines to the Como based non-profit organisation  
  • “Are you diabetic? Renew your driving licence safely”
    The Decree of 30th November 2010 issued by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport that implements directive 2009/112/EC on the renewal or issue of driving licences to diabetics is not interpreted uniformly in that not all regions of Italy have established standard regulations and forms; this means that a diabetic person may have driving licence renewed for ten years or just one year according to the province where he lives. With a view to clarifying the situation and helping people with diabetes, Neopharmed Gentili has produced and distributed explanatory posters and leaflets to all facilities concerned, such as general practitioner surgeries, Local health authorities, Forensic Medicine Committees and ACI delegations.  
  • “Gestational diabetes: women’s problems at the centre of attention”
    Pregnancy is certainly one of the most important and exciting events in a woman’s life but is increasingly often complicated by a metabolic disorder called “Gestational diabetes”, characterized by an abnormal increase in blood glucose levels and a series of problems for the future mother and child. In order to help the woman through this difficult stage in which she normally receives little medical and scientific information, Neopharmed Gentili has produced and distributed some illustrated brochures that provide answers to the questions most frequently asked by women with gestational diabetes after the diagnosis. This informative material has been translated into several languages and is differentiated according to the needs of each woman with regard both to calorie intake and physical exercise.  
  • “The sign and the spirit. Multiple items of furniture, sculptures and jewels”, Gabriella Crespi”, 24th September – 16th October 2011, Palazzo Reale, Milano
    Milan, 23rd September 2011 – The company Mediolanum Farmaceutici is the sole sponsor of the great retrospective, held from 23rd September to 16th October 2011 at the Palazzo Reale, dedicated to the figure of Gabriella Crespi, an eclectic artist and designer, style icon, inspiration for the leading international designers and ambassador of Italian style in the world.
    Mediolanum Farmaceutici is tied to Gabriella Crespi by a special relationship, established at the very beginning of this project. First of all, the “Milanese nature” they have in common, not simply from the geographical but from an intensely cultural point of view: the company recognized in the special story of this imaginative, multi-faceted artist the stages and “style” of its own adventure in the world of pharmaceutical research, which began in Milan in 1972 and very soon, thanks to the commitment of its young founder Rinaldo Del Bono, became an international player. Two worlds, those of Gabriella Crespi and a pharmaceutical company, which are apparently far apart but, in reality, are close and in perfectly in step with one another in the field of continuous research and design that accompanies every vision, in the ability to make ideas tangible, in the determination of a genuinely Italian energy that is making its way across the world.
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