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“... together with my family and sailing, I consider the Research and Development of new medicinal products as my biggest passion, but, unfortunately, also the riskiest and most expensive”

Rinaldo Del Bono
Founder of the Group

The Mediolanum group has always considered the research and development of original and innovative products and/or methods an integral and fundamental part of its business and dedicated a large part of its efforts to these activities.

The results obtained confirm and reward this commitment:

  • 93 new inventions or discoveries have resulted in over 700 patents being filed in more than 40 countries
  • Mediolanum completed the development of no fewer than 4 products between 1980 and 1999: Mesoglycan, iron acetyltransferrin, Rufloxacin and Dermatan sulphate
  • An innovative, original subcutaneous controlled-release system for administering various types of medicinal products, structured on ten technological platforms (MeDeSys)
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